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About Sophie Levesque 
She is an artist from North West New-Brunswick, Canada. She currently resides and practice her art in Edmundston City. At a young age she studied figurative painting  along side Clarence Bourgoin and Vicky Lentz . At eighteen she pursued a Bachelor of Liberal arts at the University of Saint-Thomas in Fredericton, New-Brunswick. During this time she became fascinated with the impressionist movement after seeing John Singer Sargent's painting at the Beaverbrook art Gallery. 
 In 2014 she moved back in her home town, and started adhering to the plein air movements and participating in different art events. She won different art contests and participated in the defining moment , Canadian travel exhibit. She also has many publications, in Art Magazine , Arabella magazine, Revue Galerie and others. 
She is inspired by mostly the beauty of the world that surrounds her. From the early days of spring to the last days of fall she will be painting along side rivers and forests. For the most of winter she will be in the studio.
She loves contrasting our structured environment with wild animals, and when it comes to her interior paintings. She often introduces cats in the décor to incorporate both the mythical and wild energy of that character. She is an artist who is  concerned with the comfort that her paintings brings to the viewers. "I am the most concern with the relationship between the viewer and the piece, often people mentioned to me how it is almost like  they've already experience the memory in the paintings, but it's a memory that was never theirs". 
Her paintings are found in private and corporate collections across the country.
Sophie is currently represented in two galleries , Galerie Quebec art and Gallery on Queen


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